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Working in this industry gives us insight as to what the state of product development and manufacturing is in the United States and also in the world. With these experiences, we occasionally write articles on the subject which we then publish below, which also can be navigated with the sidebar on the right.
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We no longer source or order anything from china, nor incorporate chinese parts and components in a design. Too risky, and then have the chinese company go bust, and the design and implementation becomes invalid, a do-ever.
There has definitely been a sea change in regards to new product development, sourcing and manufacturing. With no more made in china caused by the virus.
Our business is currently experiencing high demand for manufacturing services, and we are connecting with new domestic partners, and with more Taiwan, and Vietnam vendors. We will also very soon expanding our own machine shop for light manufacturing and mid-volume production.
We are in a major historical worldwide transition when it comes to the sea change with our supply chain, a sea change away from China. China is no longer, we are very current and knowledgeable about the current state of events in china and worldwide, on a daily basis and where ccp china is headed to.
At NPDS we stay current on World Events daily, outside of the media mainstream, which unfortunately covers very little of world events and how its relates to business, and international business. It's our business to stay well informed, as our business is international. There is no more China partner, no more made in china products being imported. We are reaching out for new sources and new partners, both domestically and in Taiwan and Vietnam.
Now that the dust is settling a bit, and with knowing a bit more now as to what the worlds supply chain looks like now and in the future, without China. Many of our vendor reach-outs have already responded, and they are gearing up and readying for a startup soon.
Electronics is the real issue we see with China. Vietnam is a very smart country, seeing China failing 3-5 years ago, and have been preparing. They are ready to now become the world's electronics leader.
We see the molds being constructed in USA or Taiwan, and the electronics in Vietnam. Softgoods to be made in USA or Taiwan, possibly also Vietnam.
The world is truly in transition regarding all supply chains, and now the world is now turning to USA for it's manufacturing needs as we are now being contacted by international companies for prototypes, and manufacturing.
NPDS has a highly experienced new product development team, consisting of Product Designers, Product Development Engineers, and Prototype Machinist-Fabricators, and manufacturing production capabilities. Your project is completed efficiently and correctly the first time, from our decades of real world experience for your product development project.
  • China is unable to produce products for the rest of the world.
  • India has very little infrastructure, from mills, to factories, to shipping transport lanes. They are years off before they can take advantage of China's manufacturing base loss.
  • Taiwan only has garment manufacturing, and 2 mold houses (1 is a closed shop). No available land mass to grow a manufacturing industry.
  • Vietnam only has garment, auto and motorcycle part, and electronic component manufacturing, with no land mass to grow manufacturing.
  • Mexico only has NAFTA USA Manufacturing for big companies.
  • In the USA we have the land mass and remnant senior product developers like our NPDS team, however all our manufacturing machinery in the USA was exported in the 90s. Now, manufacturing returns to USA!
Price differentials between the countries (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and USA) regarding construction of prototypes, tooling, short-run and high production manufacturing.
Assign China the base number of 1, as they are the lowest cost.
  • Vietnam=1.25-1.5x cost
  • Taiwan=1.5-2x cost
  • USA=2-3x cost
  • Mexico price differential is unknown at this moment.
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Working in this industry gives us insight as to what is the state of product development.