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It is important to have a strong trademark that is inherently distinctive, that quickly and clearly identifies you as the source of your goods, products or services. The stronger your trademark is, the more easily you can prevent others from using it without your permission, counterfeiting your product or your trade dress, and possibly confusing customers, and tarnishing your good name.
Let us answer your questions, quickly and easily, and guide you through the selection of the most appropriate trademark type, Design Mark, or Word Mark Trademarks, and complete the trademark process for market ready status.
The NPDS intellectual property (IP) team consisting of USPTO registered patent agents and licensed patent attorneys have decades of experience bringing strong trademarks to the trademark office.
A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It is how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors.
Owning a trademark (™) versus having a registered (®) trademark:
You become a trademark™ owner as soon as you start using your trademark with your goods or services. You establish rights in your trademark by using it, but those rights are limited, you have limited protections, and they only apply to the geographic area in which you are providing your goods or services. If you want stronger, nationwide protection and rights, for a national brand, you will need to apply to register your trademark® with the USPTO.
When developing a new product, to ensure a product's path forward, your financial security, and it's market potential, it is generally wise to create a distinctive Brand and Logo and Trademark it. We strongly suggest this, to legally secure your brand, logo, and trade dress from competitor intrusion, and or confusion.
Strong trademarks are unique, suggestive, fanciful, or arbitrary and are most likely to be registered by the USPTO. Weak trademarks are descriptive or generic trademarks (often acceptable in states) are not acceptable with the USPTO, and Registration and national protection will not be possible. You want your trademark to be unique, novel, catchy, and strong, as opposed to weak and generalized or generic.
Once your trademark clearance search is complete, and you have a positive trademark opinion that a trademark may be sought, our registered and licensed patent attorneys can draft your trademark application for registration, and file the trademark application electronically via USPTO TEAS Plus.
In as little as 30 days, your new product brand and logo application can be filed with the USPTO.
You can be assured your trademark work was performed to the highest standards, as the NPDS IP team takes pride in prosecuting the most comprehensive and protective trademark applications.
We search, draft, and file trademark, both Design and Word Marks for various industries on a regular weekly basis and should be able to answer any questions you may have, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.
We have USPTO registered patent agents and licensed patent attorneys ready to serve your trademark needs!
  • NPDS Creative Team:
    • Brainstorm Client Product Brand and Logo
    • Creation of Trademark Designs of Brand and Logo
  • USPTO Registered and Licensed Patent Attorney:
    • Trademark Clearance Search with Summary
    • Trademark Opinion, and Consulting Advisements
    • Drafting the USPTO Trademark Application
    • USPTO TEAS Plus filing of Trademark Application
  • Trademark and IP Consulting
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