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Preliminary Patent Prior Art Searches
Start With A Patent Search
Before you move forward with a development project, it is often best to start with a professional preliminary patent prior art search to make sure the idea doesn't infringe on existing patents or prior art. If USPTO patent or prior art of concern is found or known, we are unable to design, prototype, and or produce a client product concept that would infringe on any USPTO or PCT assignee.
However, in this case the NPDS Patent Engineering Team has over 30 years experience of reverse engineering products including designing and implementing workarounds, brainstorming for new non-obvious, unanticipated product improvements, to circumvent any restrictive known prior art of concern with the goal of achieving a patent, and the best market product possible.
It is important to make sure with any patent search. that keywords include. as many relevant terms as possible. to ensure finding relevant patents and prior art. This helps increase the chance of patent issuance, and not infringing on prior art which was not found because of a search lacking technical terms.
It is generally not advised that non-professionals perform their own patent search, and opinion of patentability. Proper patent prior art searches use common english, engineering, technical, industry and trade terms in select searches to describe a product concept.
In addition flat rate online patent search and filing companies, online legal companies, typically are off-shore legal services. Often these companies yield poor and incomplete patent prior art searches, and inferior patent filings, risking your investment, and product project, and future market security.
We offer international preliminary patent search services for those who want to apply for international patent protection through USPTO and or WIPO. Depending on the product category, international patent searches can have a minimal amount of information to be searched, and minimal added cost.
As with filing for a patent with the USPTO, in order to increase likelihood of a patent passing and not infringing upon other prior art, patent searches should include international databases. Filing of patents in these other countries allows further protection outside the US, and ability to sell and enforce your patented intellectual property in member states of the PCT.
For those who seek IP protection beyond the US patent system, through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), patents may also be applied for and obtained in other countries, with over 150 member countries worldwide. NPDS IP Team has USPTO registered patent agents ready to serve your patent needs for maximum IP protection!
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