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Working in this industry gives us insight as to what the state of product development and manufacturing is in the United States and also in the world.
The cause of inexperienced engineers: Educated by professors, with little to no practical knowledgeable, or experience in their fields. Mechanical Engineers are not qualified Product Development Engineers. Mid-career engineers, typically little breadth and depth of experience, due to limited varied open job opportunities.
Engineers are educated by professors that are inexperienced, and have no real knowledgeable in their fields, in the real world, and are surely not responsible for any Profit/Loss Statement. Including no accountability for their lack of background to properly educate the student.
Academia, and the colleges, and universities are attempting to teach our nations engineering students, though unsuccessful. However doing the best possible, under the last 40 years of losing manufacturing in the USA, and the lack of opportunity for gaining any chance of real world hands-on experience, and accountability.
The college and university professors themselves had no opportunity for any real world exposure or to gain experience in new product development and manufacturing, sadly they teach from books written by other professors, also with no experience. Unfortunately with the lack of manufacturing jobs available in this country, most professors never had a chance for real world exposure in their field.
Many graduate engineers are sadly, are unable to complete a project from concept to market ready status, including, 4.0 graduate student "engineers" from the nations top universities, such as MIT, Georgia Tech, San Jose State, Cal State and other top universities. Graduates know little, not even the basics, as we have interned several.
Here in the USA we have crisis with our younger Engineers, not adequately educated an unable to design for manufacturing, for accountability, and real profits.
Engineers even in mid-career, will no real job opportunities available, unfortunately only have limited experience. Most are one-trick ponies if that, knowledgeable in just one small aspect of engineering, and of limited breadth and depth, as we have employed several.
Mechanical Engineers are not Product Development Engineers, and do not make great Product Developers. Known as MEs, they are trained to focus on the mechancial task at hand, simple execution of a engineering design function. They have not been trained in market research, competitive product analysis, patentability of envisioned product concecpt, designing for the market demographic, etc. MEs are base level engineeers and are the source of 90% do-over projects recieved by new clients.
New Product Development requires a wide scope of skill sets, and breadth and depth of knowledge, from patents, design for manufacturing, meeting market interest and need for return on investment, and profit. NPDS gladly shares it's decades of successful real world new product development experience, and vast knowledge, for your market success.
Let our NPDS Highly Experienced Team of Senior Engineers, and Product Specialist create your new product design, for prototyping, manufacturing, and for high profitability. Done right the first time, reducing needed time and money resources, for rapid speed to market.
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Working in this industry gives us insight as to what is the state of product development.